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Dancing With Maria – Soundtrack

Dancing With Maria Maria Fux Luca Ciut Ivan Gergolet

“Italian composer Luca Ciut has crafted an eclectic soundtrack that goes hand-in-hand with the movements of the dancers, uplifting and enhancing the elegant visuals of the documentary.” - The Boar

“The original music by Luca Ciut contributes still further to wrapping this film rich in emotion” - Mediacritica

First documentary ever to be chosen by the International Film Critics Week, Dancing with Maria received the “Civitas Vitae Prossima” award at the 71st Venice International Film Festival and continues to receive praise in festivals all over the world.

It has received the EFA nominee for Best European Documentary 2015.

The original soundtrack has been released in a limited CD number on February 23th. It will be soon available digitally as well on iTunes, Amazon and the other digital platforms.

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Dancing With Maria – SOUNDTRACK

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