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Seventeen Million Lonely Angels

Luca Ciut debut album piano Seventeen Million Lonely Angels Daniel Auber Henrik Astrom

“Ciut still has room to grow as a composer, but this debut is impressive.” – The AU Review

“Ciut displays a deft touch for balancing light and dark, joy and melancholy in his take on modern classical.” –

Seventeen Million Lonely Angels is Luca Ciut debut album.
The concept of the project was to create music inspired by the city sounds of Los Angeles. The field recordings captured in L.A. have been combined with piano and other instruments to arouse the contradictions of living in a large city.

“It was intriguing to realize the contrast between what people think about L.A. and what this place actually is. Trying to capture the essence of it in a record was fascinating”.

Seventeen Million Lonely Angels contains eight instrumental tracks and two songs, and it was conceived as a biographical journey. Michael Nyman, Yann Tiersen, Gavin Briars and Arvo Pärt are among the composers who have inspired Luca’s approach to the music and this work. Originally planned as a piano solo and sound design, the music features also cello, viola, percussions and other instruments while keeping the simplicity and intimacy of the original vision.

The result is a musical journey across the city, a mixture of classical music, minimalism and film scoring.

The Time Is Now was the first single released and it got awarded as Best of Show at the Global Music Awards.

The full album was released on October 10th 2013 and is available digitally (mp3) on iTunes and physically (CD) on this website, buy it now.

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