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“Music inspiring and engaging” - Cinematographe

“Both locations and music are gorgeous” - Into The Movie

“Amazing soundtrack by Luca Ciut which commemorates the western movies” - Futura Europa

Isidoro, aka Easy, is depressed. His career as a car racer golden boy stopped when he couldn’t fit in his car anymore, after he piled too much weight. One day, his brother comes to him with a job: drive a coffin with the body of an Ukrainian bricklayer, from Italy to Ukraine. Unfortunately, he might go by the name of Easy, but for him nothing is, and he will soon get lost.

In competition at the Locarno Film Festival 2017


locandinaEasy (2017)
Directed by: Andrea Magnani
Produced by: Fresh Production, Pilgrim Film, Bartlebyfilm

Starring: Nicola Nocella, Barbara Bouchet and Libero De Rienzo